Cristián Robles

Love for music has formed Cristián life and his passion for it, has transformed the music he loves.
A deep appreciation for the essence of music has been key to developing a unique taste. His style was transformed and his growth began when feeding from classic foundations into a very edgy ones. Influenced by Bach, Sinatra, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Rush, Metallica...

When he was 11 years old, at a family gathering, Cristián heard his uncle strumming a guitar and singing. The sound of the warn nylon guitar filling the air, and the haunting voice echoing the room, would impact his young life. He realized, at that precise moment, that this connection he felt with music, would change the course of his life forever. Soon after he began his bass studies, 2 years of music theory and classic guitar, under the tutoring of maestro Enrique Kaulen and 4 years with international maestro Pablo Lecaros. By the age of 17 he was playing live in local bars and events.



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